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Commercial Lending

Meet with one of our commercial lenders when you are considering expanding your business by financing new equipment, purchasing commercial real estate, accessing a commercial line of credit or even leasing equipment.  The Pataskala Banking Company is here to assist local businesses meet their financial goals.

The Pataskala Banking Company works with local business owners to assist them in expanding their businesses by providing financing options for purchasing real estate or for refinancing commercial real estate to improve your bottom line.
When local business owners are ready to purchase commercial equipment they speak to one of The Pataskala Banking Company commercial lenders to discuss our wide variety of lending options available.
When additional credit is required to see that operations continue to run smoothly for your local business, ask one of our commercial lenders about the terms we offer to help you meet your financial goals.
Thinking about leasing equipment and are looking for financing options?  Contact The Pataskala Banking Company for current commercial lending terms.