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Department of Commerce Warns of Unclaimed Funds Scam.

The Ohio Department of Commerce is warning Ohioans that, “Unclaimed Money Discovery,” has emailed Ohioans saying that a recovery agent has been assigned to help them find and claim their unclaimed funds. The email asks that the recipients pay a fee for the service. Once the fee is paid they send a claim form to a legitimate unclaimed fund site to complete the process. The department noted that Unclaimed Money Discovery is not registered or authorized to perform this service. The Ohio Department of Commerce wants Ohioans to know that a fee is not required to claim funds that are rightfully theirs. It is unfortunate that during the holiday season there are people trying to take advantage of others for their own personal financial gain.


The Pataskala Banking Company wants to help you keep your personal information safe. We realize in today’s electronic world, your personal data is more at risk than ever before and your personal information is more valuable than ever before. Please review our helpful tips to maintain your personal security and the security of those you love:

  • NEVER share or verify your social security number to ANYONE over the telephone or on the web; simply hang-up the telephone.
  • The bank will NEVER call you to verify your account number(s), PIN number, social security number, date of birth, of any other personal information.
  • Contact the bank if you receive a suspicious call and DO NOT answer any questions about your personal information over the telephone or on the web; simply hang-up the telephone.
  • Notify the bank of any changes to your address, telephone number, or email addresses.
  • Contact the bank at once if you have a lost or stolen credit or debit card. (Click on Lost or Stolen Card on our website for afterhours telephone numbers.)
  • Memorize your PIN # and NEVER write it on your card or share it with anyone.
  • Review your monthly statements; bank and credit, to verify all transactions are legitimate. Verify your receipts against your statements. Balance your accounts monthly.
  • Plan on traveling out of the area? Notify the bank and provide location and dates if you plan on using your credit or debit card.
  • The I.R.S. will NEVER call you to verify any of your personal information, including your social security number; simply hang-up the telephone.
  • A law enforcement agency will NEVER call you asking you to wire funds to release a family member from jail. Hang-up and IF you want to verify the claims made over the telephone, call your family member and speak directly to them.
  • Watch out for “mystery shopper” scams. You will receive a “check” to pay you for mystery shopping and the amount will be greater than you should have received. You will then be asked to return the overage by wire. Once the funds are wired out of your account you learn that the “check” is worthless, and not only do the scammers have the money you wired to them, but you have to pay the bank back for the entire amount of the check.
  • BEFORE swiping your debit/credit card at the gas pump or ATM, be sure that the scanner is permanently affixed and not a detachable skimmer used by scammers to collect your credit or ATM card information. Before you leave the pump or ATM, the scammers will have shared your debit/credit card information.
  • If you have not entered a sweepstakes or lottery and you receive a letter stating you have won a cash prize and you only need to pay a small fee now to obtain your winnings, STOP; more than likely this is a scam. Many people have lost thousands of dollars paying fees for a potential pay out only to be asked for more money and never receive any winnings.